Recommendations come in all shapes and sizes. Some of our contributors submit cute, quirky lists of reasons why they think a book deserves more attention. Other contributors submit serious, critical analyses with a more academic tone. Ultimately, it's up to you. What matters most to us is that your recommendation is heartfelt. Along these lines, three of our favorite recommendations are Carissa Halston's "Stories About Scars," Patrick Hicks's "Imagination and Language Combine To Make Spirits In the Head," and Chris Wiewiora’s "X Marks the Spot Where Four Months Converge." 

Remember to send through the names of five additional recommended books and/or films for our "You Might Also Like" selection, either in the comments or the body of your recommendation. If you're new to TLP, include a short bio and headshot (69 x 91 pixels) for our contributors section.

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